Arup Sarker

About Me

My name is Arup Sarker and I am working as a research assistant at the UVA biocomplexity Institute. Currently, my research focuses on developing an HPC framework for a distributed environment. Until the middle of last year, I worked on 3D data processing based on point cloud or voxel-based motion planning and control in an autonomous vehicle and security research in IoT Trust computing.

Before that, I worked as a Staff Engineer at Samsung R&D Institute Bangladesh Ltd. in September 2011. It has been a long journey with Samsung and I had multiple opportunities to work with different cutting-edge technologies which lead the market. Contributions to Android platform development, especially on Audio/Video, Frameworks, Network protocols to transmit data in mission-critical services and Gear360 and so many others. From the beginning at Samsung, all of my work are aligned with designing and developing embedded and distributed solutions that need to transmit data over networks. Even, when I was a developer of the feature phone in 2011, I took care of system modules for transmitting calls and messages.

In addition, I was also responsible for developing Mission Critical Services for first responders and different security agencies. This project will replace the legacy systems of security agencies and ensure public safety in better ways by handling different emergencies. This large-scale distributed system will ensure all data communication including Audio and Video with the lowest possible latency. Every single second is very important for the first responder. So ensuring all KPIs for data qualities are major challenging job. We have completed the first milestone and delivered the product.   Please check my curriculum vitae for details 

Experience: -- 12+ Years in Software Industry. 

Programming Languages: C, C++ (C++11 and C++14), Java, SQL, Objective C, Swift

Network Protocols: TLS over TCP/UDP, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Secure Real-Time Transmission Protocol (SRTP), Media Burst Control Protocol (MBCP), Session Description Protocol (SDP), Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), Universal Peer to Peer Protocol (UPnP), etc.

Technologies: Video/image Codec(HEVC, H.264, MJPEG), FFMPEG, Image Processing(OpenCV), WiFi, BT, BLE, Middleware frameworks, Web Service

Mobile Platform/Embedded System: iOS, Android, Tizen, MMP, SUP

Version Control: git, perforce, SVN

Code Review: Gerrit for git, RBTools for perforce

Project Management Tools: PLM, MPS, Jira

Software Process Model: Agile(Scrum and Kanban), Waterfall

Design Pattern: MVC, VIPER

Education : 

Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Gear360 Camera

Gear 360 camera can capture 360 image/video. It is small, sophisticated device, managed by iPhone and Android with Camera, Gallery, Integrated player, Share, Broadcasting, 3D Touch etc. 

3GPP Mission Critical Service

 It is an Audio and Video Communication app  where AMR Audio and H265 encoded video will be sent through SRTP to another user by following 3gpp spec of Mission Critical Services, mainly help first responder to handle public safety.

For Android platform and deployed to different Android smart phone

A Manager app combined with service to control Samsung Gear Smart watch

Video Player, Music Player, Frameworks, System, message for E1282T, E2350B, C3312R, S5222R ,E2222,E2220,S3770,C3010S 

A mobile and service app for different NGOs to support Maternal health