. Side channel attacks on IoT Trust Computing: We are analyzing security vulnerabilities on ARM based cortex-M33, M35p and M55 processors, propose a threat model on side channel information leakage.

Mission Critical Services: A complete package of hardware, Software and large scale network solution to transmit Audio, Video and Control data.

Gear360 Manager: iOS app for controlling Gear360 Camera

iOS Samsung Camera Manager (SCM): iOS app for controlling Samsung’s NX1, NX500, NX300 DSLR camera

iOS Remote Viewer: iOS app works like a remote for Galaxy View Remote Tab

Wearable Service Provider: Tizen frameworks communicate with Samsung Gear Smart Watch for different service

Samsung Smartwatch Manager: A Manager app combined with service to control Samsung Gear Smart watch

Android Mobile platform Development: Developed Music player, Audio FW, Voice recorder for Samsung Galaxy

S3, S4, S5, A7, A5, A3, E5, Alpha, Note3, Note4, TabS

Feature Phone Mobile Platform Development: Developed Video Player, Music Player, Frameworks, System,

message for E1282T, E2350B, C3312R, S5222R ,E2222,E2220,S3770,C3010S

National Education board automation: Bangladesh Govt. funded Education Board Automation project

Central Bank Reporting Management (CBRM): Central Bank Reporting Management (CBRM) is an automated loan management software which generate automatic reports for central bank for HSBC bank customers

Maternal Health (mHealth): A mobile and service app for different NGOs to support maternal health

HSBC Portfolio Management System: Automated system used by HSBC bank customer who trade in Stock market