Honors & Awards


Best Team of the Year 2018

  • For completion of First milestone in Mission Critical Services, we have released binaries to Harman, Samsung SQA, MNO and AT&T QA team with no delay. It was highly appreciated by HQ and SEA B2B team for handling critical issues dependent to network and 3rd party platform.

  • Gear360 camera is a successful project completed by my team under my supervision. It was released on market and good feedback from end user in terms of features, 360 image quality and cost. 360 frame preview, live streaming from camera, five different integrated projection to render 360,Facebook, YouTube Live broadcasting, Optimized Stitching Engine are the main features in Gear360 Project and as a team lead of 28 members, we received best team award.


Star Employee of the Month

  • Mission critical service development is one the critical and significant projects in my career in terms of complexity and scope of deployment. This is a large scale service delivery platform including client and admin solutions and will be used by all first responders and security agencies to handle different emergency situations and ensure public safety.

  • As a project lead of developing client solutions, my responsibilities were to design and develop the protocol stack based on 3GPP spec and develop Audio engine to transmit audio and control data. In December 2018, for significant contribution in Mission Critical Services, I was awarded by Samsung.


Excellence in Innovation

Got award from Samsung for introducing Single Sign-On in IOTivity Network Framework. Samsung released smart things which supports different IOT devices to provide a certain service. Single authentication will allow user to access multiple services either smart home, car and office.

Single Sign-on module was developed in multiple devices with Samsung account.


Advance Level Software Capability Test

  • All Samsung Engineers from all over the world has to pass this exam which represents his/her capabilities of problem solving, critical thinking, design and develop algorithm and data structure in software development.

  • To solve problems in different projects, engineer has to implement very complex algorithm and data structure. In this exam, engineer has to provide a solution of real world problems and it should be accepted by two level verifications- One with judge machine and engineers who set the problems. I achieved Advanced level.


Icon of the Month, June 2014

Audio Framework is the heart of all application who wants record, play and transmit audio data in mobile platform. As a team lead of 13 members, my responsibilities were to develop audio framework on top of system audio (device driver) in Android platforms.

Samsung Galaxy S3,4,5, Note 3,4 are the main models, we have contributed to develop audio frameworks and phone was released to market. For the significant contributions of these Samsung flagship and mass models in Android platform, I was awarded as Icon employee.


Icon of the Month, August 2013

There are multiple bidirectional languages used by people in Middle East and Africa regions. I have implemented Urdu and Arabic language in the framework side when we have build stable binaries for feature phone platform.

For significant contributions for implementing bidirectional language frameworks in Feature phone platform, Samsung awarded me as Icon employee.


Icon of the Month, August 2012

I was working as a Senior Software Engineer in System, browser and Message module. Because of low memory in feature phone, I had to optimize 2.3 MB where the total memory was 15MB.

For significant contributions of adding new features like answering machine because of memory optimization and solving highest number of issues in Feature phone platform, I was awarded as Icon employee.